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   James M. Armstrong was born in 1970 and lives in the town of his birth; Ottawa, Illinois, U.S.A.  He has had an interest and passion for drawing, music, the arts his whole life and earned his B.F.A. from the University of Missouri, Columbia.  He became interested in stone sculpture while studying at MU after meeting and studying under fellow student and friend Glenn Mramor and continued to create in stone and wood after graduating.


   In the year 2000, James returned to Ottawa, IL to help run and sell The Peltier Glass Company; a turn of the century glass factory that originally produced hurricane lamps and stained glass and then turned to marbles and pressed glass ware.  Fortuitously the struggling company sold a year and a half after James took over in 2001.  One of the buyers was glass artist, Boyce Lundstrom.  He and James became fast friends and Boyce introduced James to warm glass working.  


   Currently James is married, the father of three boys, creates art when he feels inspired and has the time, and plays guitar in a blues band. 

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